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Read on to see a LIVE example of how I harnessed "Big Idea" Copy to create a winning financial promotion (and how I can do the same for you too)...

Hi. I'm Chris Wright, the Wealth Copywriter.

And as I'm sure you know...

There's one success secret behind nearly every great promotion.

The Big Idea.

That's what I bring to the table.

With every package I dig deep to find the perfect idea to appeal to your audience and sell a boatload of financial newsletters.

Take a recent promotion I wrote for a turnaround stock service...

The challenge we faced was three-fold.

We had to show the readers that the investments were...

1. Regular: Because the readers first objection would be "how often do companies down on their luck turn it around?"...

2. Safe: These are beaten up stocks -- enough to scare even the bravest investors away...

And most importantly...

3. Provide a reason why so few people invest in turnarounds. 

The first two challenges were straight-forward... we presented 9 different examples of turnaround plays which booked investors impressive gains. Regular and safe.

But the third challenge was harder...

We had to come up with a legitimate reason why investors weren't investing in stocks which were both regular and safe.

The solution?


Yep. The little tiles you may have played with as a kid.

Specifically, the fact that a single domino can topple another 1.5X its own size.

I showed the reader that each turnaround play was preceded by at least 5 dominoes, all lined up and falling.  And without these dominoes, a stock wouldn't put money in the investor's pocket.

I presented this strategy as one only the editor could see and take advantage of -- overcoming the third challenge.

This promotion went on to produce a nice return and continues to pay me royalties to this day.

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Of course, this is just one example of "big idea" promotions I've written...

I've also written copy for...

  • Small Cap Stocks
  • Dividends
  • Technology
  • Biopharma/Biotech
  • Energy
  • Turnarounds
  • Forex
  • And more...

Many of which I write about on my blog.

So here's my offer...

Hire me to write your next promotion for your investment newsletter.

Just email me at chris@englishfreelancewriter.com.  Or set an appointment with me using the button at the top, right-hand-side of this page.

Or if you're not here to hire me, then check out my blog.  Whether you're a financial publisher, or junior financial writer, you'll find lessons to keep you on your toes and increase your profit.

Until next time,

Chris Wright,

The Wealth Copywriter

P.S. For samples: Email me at chris@englishfreelancewriter.com.  Speak soon.