Who’s #1? Let’s talk about self-interest…

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Let's talk about self-interest...

If you need to know one thing, its that everyone is looking out for "number 1".

Their survival.  Their problems.  Their gain.

And that's the first obstacle you have to overcome with your sales copy.

You need to trigger their self-interest to get them to READ!

That's why every great headline has one mission... to grab attention.

So we're going to talk shop today on what triggers self-interest for our financial prospects.

Starting with the obvious...

More money!

I don't need to tell you investors are looking to make more money.  To this group, there's nothing more attractive than presenting an offer to them like...

How to Ride America’s $398 Billion Robot Revolution for 1,578% Gains

That's a headline from Angel Publishing.

Now, for a moment BECOME the investor.

You're a 55+ year old man, republican, patriotic and want to grow your money.

Doesn't that above headline make you want to read on?

Let's break it down.

Firstly, 1,578% gains is something EVERY investor wants.  Sure, most will be skeptical of it.  But given the choice between 10% or 1,578%, I (the investor) would take the latter.

Secondly, "How to Ride" clearly this letter/video is going to present a guide on how I can take advantage of such an opportunity.

And finally -- and this is subtle -- "America's Robot Revolution".  Yep, that's a home-grown opportunity in an industry which has been touted to change the world for decades before today.  As the patriotic, proud American, seeing my country take front-stage once AGAIN is special, it grabs my attention.  It makes me want to be involved.

So clearly large investment gains, and an all-American opportunity has triggered my self-interest.

But putting back on our copywriter cap, how else could we capture the attention of retail investors?

Why, with curiosity, good squire! 

Here's a few headlines that do that...

"End of America"

The Great Currency Conspiracy!

"Bloody Wednesday" January 28, 2015: America's Day of Reckoning! 

Those are headlines by Stansberry, The Bob Livingstone Letter and Weiss respectively.

Now, before you shout "all headlines use curiosity!!" I want to make it clear that these headlines are extremely focused on building the curiosity -- whilst also indirectly implying self-interest.

You might be wondering just how successful promotions can be that don't rely on gains and promises of making more money...

Well, the End of America promo? That's one of the most successful promotions since the crash in 2007.  In fact, I've also heard a few well-respected copywriters tout it as being THE most successful.

So how do you write a good curiosity headline?  Well, it's certainly difficult.  But that shouldn't put you off -- often the hardest tasks deliver the greatest rewards!

The secret is to touch the "core" of your prospect.  To move towards their base-level needs.

Of which, safety is one.

Anything touting America's doom was instantly going to pique interest.  This is their well-being and way-of-life you're talking about -- not some far away country in the middle-east.

The same goes for 'The Great Currency Conspiracy'... This is their money.  Their retirement.  If it's in trouble, they need to know.

Sometimes your narrative isn't strong enough to use a curiosity headline like this.  And most copywriters will recommend you touch on protection or growth of money very early on.  But if you can, what I've just shown you is a powerful concept.

So there you go.  Two ways to trigger self-interest in your prospect.

Whether this is a refresher or a new lesson, I hope you take away something from it.

If you want to work with me on your next project or want me to take you under my wing, just click here.

Until next time,

Chris Wright


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