I'm Chris Wright and that's me on the right.

Let me give you a few insights on who I am:

  • I'm a freelance copywriter. I primarily write for financial publishers, but I also branch into markets which help people make more money (ROI).
  • I've written for clients like Angel Publishing, Investors Alley, Race Advisor and more.
  • I'm a certified NLP Premier Practitioner, having learned from co-creator, John Grinder.
  • I'm very passionate about investing in my own ability to write copy.  In 2014, I attended both the Titans of Direct Response and Breakthrough Marketing Advanced Direct Response workshop events.
  • I also mentor under Roy Furr, who has written for publishers like Investor Place, Casey Research and Money Map Press.
  • Prior to my copywriting career, I founded and operated a business development company.  I helped to increase sales primarily for gyms and restaurants.
  • Prior to my business development company, I had a string of businesses which taught me some of the harsher lessons of business.  Each lesson I now bring to clients I work with to help increase sales.
  • I'm also extremely in to traveling.  In 2014, I spent 2 months writing copy from the beaches of Thailand and Cambodia.  In 2015, I plan to spend another month and a half writing from the beaches of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to contact me at