Building Intrigue With Little ‘Curiosity Bombs’

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I'm writing to you today from just North of Brighton here in the United Kingdom of Great Britain (we can do fancy names too y'know).

And today we're going to talk about something I call 'Curiosity Bombs'.

These are minor details you include in copy for no other person than to build intrigue and (as the name suggests...) curiosity.

The best example I can give you is a promo I love:

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 13.32.50

This promo was for Mike Ward's Money Map Report.

Can you spot the Curiosity Bomb?

"Under the Eiffel Tower"

Ooh. How powerful.

You see, those 4 words turn this pretty boring and average headline into a GREAT one that virtually forces the reader to stay on the page.

And that's the beauty of it.

All it took was 4 words -- and sometimes it can take less -- and the reader is hooked.

Curiosity Bombs are a great way for you to keep the reader on the page.  You can use them to wake the prospect up as they move down the page.  And you can also use them to bolster the believability of your claim.

For example...

How many times have you seen a stock promotion tease a company by mentioning something about the area they're based.

"just 20 miles down the road from the White House"

"a 10 minute walk away from the drinking hole of millionaire VCs"

Note: these aren't actual lines from existing copy.  They've been made up here, on the spot.

It's these small details which shake the prospect and get them excited again.

If your copywriter isn't using these to bolster the curiosity factor of your promotion, tell them to read this article.

If you're not using them in your copy, then start!
Until next time,

Chris Wright, financial copywriter

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