Don’t Dilute Your Big Idea

July 1, 2015 by

The Big Idea.

The juice behind almost every successful promotion...

The driving force behind the sales...

The lynchpin of your copy...

Get the point?

I won't go into detail explaining what a big idea is...

You're either an aspiring financial copywriter or a financial newsletter marketer, so you should already know.

But the one thing I DO want to talk about today is this...


I was recently working on a promotion built around one great big idea... this huge find which could solve one big problem facing many countries today.

Half way through the promotion the editor switches me on to another great find which would work in the promotion AND help solve the same problem too.

At first it sounded like a no-brainer...

More is better!  2 finds is better than 1! Right?

Well... no.

And certainly not most other times.

But I'll confess, I did amend the copy at first to include both finds.

Then I scrapped it and went with what I had before.


Because it heavily diluted my original story.

Instead of the reader focusing on the one find, they would have to split their interest and brain-power between two.

It made the copy clunky and hard to follow.

Put simply, it wasn't working.

I had to focus on the 1 find.

Michael Masterson calls this the "Power of One".

So what did I do instead?

Did I delete the second find altogether? Nope.

Instead I moved it further down in the copy.  It never became a core focus and instead was just another reason supporting my big idea.

You should be doing the same thing.

If you're working with a copywriter, you need to ensure they are focusing on ONE thing.

The ONE reason people should buy into your promotion.

And if you're a copywriter, then you should be doing the above too.

I'll be including this lesson in more detail in my upcoming book.

Short post today.  But that is all. 🙂

Happy copy,

Chris Wright, financial copywriter

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