Finding the Players With Money

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Hey Reader,

Something different today.

I'm going to jam about a topic that isn't necessarily to do with Financial copy (but it can be).

It's also not specifically for financial publishers (though it could be).

Today we're going to talk about...

Finding Players With Money.

Now before I reveal how, it's important to know exactly why you should be doing everything in your power to work with this group of clients.

How many times have you written or worked with a pain-in-the-ass client?

The type that calls you at all hours, doesn't pay you on time, and definitely doesn't pay you enough.

I know I have.

But it only took getting burnt once for me to say "never again."

Now I only work with financial publishers.

I get paid on time.  I am respected for the work I do.  And I get paid a whole lot more.

I've never looked back.

And I want the same for you too.

So here's how you can find the "Players With Money" in your industry.

Step 1.

Sometimes its clear who the ideal clients are.  Sometimes its not.

We'll assume you're struggling to find who your ideal client is.

So what's the first step you should take?

To find out who they are.

You can start by looking inside trade publications or events...

If you're writing for the B2B market, is there a B2B event in your industry?

If you're writing for the B2C market, the same question applies.

Or how about publications like magazines and newspapers?

Or forums?

Or industry groups?

For example, there's a "Financial Publishers Associations".

On the first page it shows a group of companies I consider to be Tier 1 publishers and definitely Players With Money:


Now, I'm sure I haven't exhausted the list of where you might find companies who need your services.  But I've given you a good starting point.  It's up to you to identify the places they hang.


Step 2.

Now the second step is to identify the Players With Money.

Sometimes it won't be as clear cut as the example I've just shown you.  You'll probably have to do some digging.

Let's say you're a copywriter...

You're going to go through the industry magazines and publications and see who's advertising.

Maybe you'll go through the past 5 months of that magazine to discover who's regularly buying advertisements.

Chances are, if they're consistently advertising, they're a Player With Money.

Then let's say you're a graphic designer...

Why not go through those same publications and find the adverts... see how regularly the company changes graphics.  Visit their websites and see what they need.

Or what if you're a web-developer...

Again, if a company is advertising they've probably got a bit of money to spend.  Especially if you're able to promise them increased conversions with a new website.

Looking for advertisers is just one way -- but in my opinion, it's one of the most effective ways of finding Players With Money.

As I said before, you can look into associations and see who is taking the game seriously, but unless they're spending $5,000 a month to be there, don't assume they have money.

Let's also look at trade shows...

These are places where companies will buy booths and hope to drum up some business from the attendees.

I've actually ran a booth at an event for a past -- and now closed -- businesses.  So I can tell you this...

A booth ain't cheap!

Those guys/girls have money.  Count them in.

Right so then we have...

Step 3.

The purpose of this step is to compile a list of clients you'd love to work with... the Players With Money.

Then you need to find a way to talk to them.

I recommend LinkedIn.

It's a great way to connect with people and open up new conversations.

That's probably a blog post for another time.

But for now, you've got a lot of work to do anyway.

So happy hunting...

And let me know when you land your first Player With Money. 🙂

Until next time,

Chris Wright

The Wealth Copywriter

P.S. Want to work with me on a copy project, or coaching?  Just go here.


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