Let’s Talk Takeaway Selling…

October 21, 2015 by

Dan Kennedy said it best...

"Nobody lines up to seek advice from the wise man at the bottom of the mountain."

When we can't have something for whatever reason (cost, availability, or because they're not that into you)... we start to want it more.

The inverse is also true. When something comes easy, we don't want it. How many times have you downloaded an e-book and not read a single word?

Of course, this isn't news.

We're humans, we see this every single day we enter the world (and granted, most freelance copywriters don't leave their caves until the stench is too much to bear).

People just love what they can't have.

This is called "Takeaway Selling".

And its beauty is that it does so much, so simply.

Let's look at a Dan Kennedy example (that I found courtesy of Mike Schaeur - you can read the entire email there):

"So how, year in and year out, do I take a person's other work terribly hard to pry a measly $12 from and have them shove fistfuls of cash in my direction.

Well guess what... it's not with an "easy" button.

        So if that's what you're into, this probably isn't for you."

Immediately Mr. Kennedy states a clear benefit... fistfuls of cash.

He then disqualifies people who are seeking the "easy" button by shooting straight... "this probably isn't for you". He's describing exactly who ISN'T a fit for the product (and by implication, who IS)...

And that only helps with the credibility and appeal of the message.

But more than that... it builds the air of exclusivity and taps into that part of our brain that says exclusivity = high value.

And of course, there's an unspoken challenge...

"Who are you to tell me this isn't for me? I'll get it and show you wrong..."

All that, in 3 short paragraphs. Wonderful.

You can see why it's so powerful right?

And I'll let you in on a little secret... some of my most successful and long-running promos use takeaway selling to close the deal.

Why don't you?

Cheers 🙂


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