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Hey Reader,

Today I'm going to give you a cheatsheet on the "7 signs that you've got a good copywriter."

This list comes from what I've experienced as a copywriter and also from hiring copywriters and working with them in the past.

I've developed a nose for what makes a good copywriter (apart from being able to write great copy) and I'm going to share the 7 attributes today.

This list is aimed to help you, the publisher.  But if you're a copywriter, there's something to learn here too.

Let's begin...

1.  A good copywriter hit deadlines.

Unless you're working with the A-list of A-list copywriters, working with someone who hits deadlines make your life a lot easier.

Your business/publication runs like a well-oiled machine.

In fact, you've probably got at least the next month of emails planned and ready to send already.

So working with a copywriter who can hit deadlines and be consistent helps YOU keep the machine running.  No stress.  No changing of plans.  Just good, old consistency.

2.  A good copywriter communicates often and well.

There's nothing worse than directly working with someone who doesn't communicate.  Maybe you've dealt with a copywriter like this before.

It can feel as if they're hibernating and you start to wonder whether they're actually doing any of the work.

Make sure you hire a copywriter who values communication.

3.  A good copywriter is an advocate for your service.

You want a copywriter who's going to come back to you months later with a new "angle" or idea to help sell more of the publication.

The copywriter who wants to help sell your service (rather than their own) is worth keeping around.

4.  A good copywriter will cut their wrists and bleed over the page.

There's no room for half-hearted copywriting.  You want a writer who's going to get in your boat and row his/her heart out to reach the number of sales you're aiming for.

If you've got two copywriters competing for the same project-- and all else is equal -- hire the most passionate.

5.  A good copywriter is prepared to spend as long as it takes.

Sometimes copy doesn't convert.

It happens.

But it doesn't mean you're working with a bad copywriter.

You see in this situation, often the copy just needs a few tweaks to get it converting.  Maybe a new lead, or a new headline.

That's why you want to look out for a copywriter who sticks around for as long as it takes.

6.  A good copywriter thinks of money second.

Look, we're out to get paid.  We have bills to pay, aspirations to reach, etc etc.

But a good copywriter will make that a second thought.

They know that providing value and assistance to YOU will lead to them getting paid.

Work with the copywriter who wants to help YOU first.

7.  A good copywriter wants to see the results of his/her promotion.

It should go without saying that the copywriter who wants to know the results of their own promotion is going to be more accountable.

And accountability is what you want.

If a copywriter writes a promotion for you and disappears, you've been swindled (providing the copy doesn't convert).

The copywriter who sticks around, and is keen to see how their copy converted is the one you want to hire.

And that's it.

My "7 signs that make up a good copywriter."

If you're smart you'll look for these attributes with every copywriter you hire.

It'll make your life 10x easier.

Until next time,

Chris Wright

Wealth Copywriter

P.S.  Looking for a copywriter for your next project?  Let's talk about working together.

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