‘Us’ Vs. ‘Them’

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If there's one defining factor of your relationship with a copywriter or financial publisher, it's whether or not you develop an 'Us' Vs. 'Them' partnership.

Simply put...

Whether you're the one cutting checks or producing the goods, you'll get the best results by working WITH each other.

This might sound like a no-brainer, but many copywriters and publishers enter into a project like an employer and employee would.

And that's not good.

We all know the phrase... "Shit rolls down hill."

Instead of working side-by-side, the copywriter is working 'for' the publisher.

And that's bad for three reasons...

1) It removes the copywriter from CARING about the outcome of the project.  Here's the truth... copywriters aren't robots.  They need to be emotionally stimulated to write great copy.  Simply changing the relationship from 'working for' to 'working with' has a huge effect on just how much your copywriter is willing to commit to the project.

2) YOU become hard to work with.  Whether you're the copywriter or the publisher... a 'working for' relationship can create friction.  I've seen it happen.  The publisher pushes the scope of the job, or begins to think they know better than the copywriter.  The copywriter becomes defensive and thinks every piece of feedback is a personal attack on them.  And the aftermath?  Poor copy and poor sales.

3) It stops the copywriter from producing his/her best work.  In a 'working for' agreement, you're essentially hiring a temporary employee.  And as we've all experienced, your 'run-of-the-mill' employee only produces the minimum level of work to get paid.  That's not good for sales.

But all three of these problems can be avoided with a simple switch to am 'Us' Vs. 'Them' relationship.

And that's easy to do -- whether you're the copywriter or the publisher.


You establish it at the beginning of the working relationship -- either directly or indirectly.


Simply tell the client/copywriter that you're planning on 'working with' them...  That you recognize each others role in this project, and by sticking to the roles you'll be able to produce your best work.


If you're a publisher:  Give your copywriter everything he/she needs to produce great copy.  I'm talking about access to your service, previous successful promotions, information on your avatar, traffic sources, etc.  Make it clear that you're there to support them and NOT there to watch over them.

If you're a copywriter: Dig deep into the publishers service with questions.  Get everything you need from them.  Make it clear to the client that you'll fulfil your end of the project (in-depth research, great copy, sticking around post-delivery), but you do expect them to keep answering your questions and requests promptly.

Getting it right

When you've created your 'Us' Vs. 'Them' relationship, you'll find each project to be a breeze -- and successful too.

By establishing a partnership, you'll be able to lock-in great results more often.  And even if the promotion only does 'OK', because you've established a great relationship, the copywriter will WANT to help you bump up conversions!

Sound good?

Until next time,

Chris Wright, copywriter

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